Welcome to Netherton Northside First School

Hello from Netherton Northside,

We are a small school serving a rural community in North Northumberland. We are situated in the outstandingly beautiful landscape at the foot of the Cheviot Hills, our school is housed in a wonderful building, with the most modern part of it being only 8 years old and our facilities are of the highest quality. We are completely accessible for anyone with physical disabilities, both within the building and the grounds. We offer a broad-based curriculum which caters for the individual needs of all our children, we like to get out and about so that our children can experience as much of the wider world as possible. We have a strong tradition in the arts and enjoy welcoming musicians and artists to our school. The confidence and mutual respect the children here demonstrate is often commented upon by visitors.

If you would like to find out more about us do feel free to get in contact, we’d love to hear from you.

Events Feed - This Week

09:19999999999.8 - Chris Hinson-Badminton
11:45 - Community Lunch
12:45 - Swimming
15:15 - Cookery Club
10:00 - Women's World Day of Prayer Assembly
19:00 - Wine & Beer Tasting

Netherton Northside First School, Netherton, MORPETH NE65 7HD 01669-630234

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